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Vic Mensa – Rage

July 17, 2017


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July 17, 2017


Vain @itsvain – 7th Chamber Freestyle

July 15, 2017

Beanie Sigel Hold’s A Man’s Hand For 2 Minutes Straight & Dude Almost Starts To Cry!


9 Responses to “Beanie Sigel Hold’s A Man’s Hand For 2 Minutes Straight & Dude Almost Starts To Cry!”

  1. XX Says:

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  2. d. Says:

    -Pastor binz -lol, well i believe that i will react lik that-for 40 sec.

  3. Petey Says:

    Aight n***a damn let go of my hand

  4. soserious Says:

    this n***a p***y, a black man shake his hand he tries to hurt him. white ppl who dont even know ya wack a*s smile at u and u show them mad luv. why try to hurt another black man?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    a he wasnt trying 2 hurt dude , the guy was in shock and couldnt believe it was really beanz chilling in his mall, and he was emotionally star struck and he was trying 2 compose himself and , beanz was more so like,” chill homie you alright, we good itz me my nigg i am a real person” dude still couldnt believe it.

  6. Miss_Sassy Says:

    Awww, I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. I mean, it was a little weird him being a man and all but, lol, he seems like he’s a VERY big fan.

  7. Warren G Says:

    This is the reall..if u want to Punk somebody pick on somebody your own size…n benz is real in the streets..but bring it 2 da men not cowardz u get no points 4 dat!

  8. seech Says:

    bit suspect innit

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Wish that was me, i woulda snatched that ni99a shoulder outta socket..

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