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Gutta Gutta (Young Money) OnDaSpot Freestyle


6 Responses to “Gutta Gutta (Young Money) OnDaSpot Freestyle”

  1. Hef Says:

    This dude Gudda is Garbageeeeeeee!

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Dubb G Says:

    he aint freestyle that last verse

  4. nyc718 Says:

    This niga sucks wackk a*s flow its sad this niga gets signed when i can walk down the street and find better talent then this dude kill your self we all know wayne writes for all young money……..

  5. hits Says:

    wow… this is really not all that good… damn… seems like all you need to do is get tattoos on your hand for the crew that got the most money and …. just like that you on… tell me i’m wrong.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    wow mack maine adlibin his s**t i bet wayne wrote all them a freestyle just in case they ever got put on the spot well at least this n***a i think everybody write they own s**t cuz this n***a verses be wack a*s hell aint no way he spit a freestyle like dat

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