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Camila Cabello – Crying In The Club

May 20, 2017


Young M.A @YoungMAMusic – Self M.Ade

May 20, 2017


Big Sean – Sacrifices ft. Migos

May 19, 2017

Gangsta Chick From Chicago Pulls Out A Gun, Gettin At YouTube Stalkers


“Im Licensed To Kill. Get You A Black Visa Card”

25 Responses to “Gangsta Chick From Chicago Pulls Out A Gun, Gettin At YouTube Stalkers”

  1. Chi Guy Says:

    I think I’m in love….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    lol@ droppin the clip

    good comback but that mighta cost ya life

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dumb a*s

  4. Uslept2 Says:

    Dayum Gangsta Chick From Chicago, you make a muthaf(*(_) feel safe and warm. I can hang wit you anytime.

  5. WindyCity64 Says:

    First she cocked da gun with no clip in, then she put da clip in backward, then it fell out.. lol.. she should’ve did a

  6. NorthSyde Neke Says:

    Im lovin it, dont hurt nobody lil mama… lol

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What Up Chi Town Thats Whats U

  8. Kabuki G.G.I.Ent Ceo Says:

    What Up Sweetie Thats Whats Up Rep Yo S**t F**k These Haters They Hated On Jesus Christ Him Self Do U And Let Them Muthafuckaz

  9. Kabuki G.G.I.Ent Ceo Says:

    Do Thing New Orleans In The Buildin

  10. Kabuki G.G.I.Ent Ceo Says:

    sign up 4 mysite chi town check it out click on my name in the comment

  11. nyc718 Says:

    this b***h will be in jail within the next 7 months you dumb s**t

  12. Dede bpt,ct Says:

    she gon f**k around and shoot herself guns dont kill people kill country a*s

  13. Mr. Tatted Up.... Says:

    This b***h can’t even put the clip in right! Wit her fucked up teeth!!!!

  14. Petey Says:

    she wanna kill YouTube stalkers? Iz yo life dat fukin borin???

  15. keep_it_real Says:

    this dumbass b***h is stupid jail bird for life lol

  16. Marcello Says:

    Whoeva did chick is jus shoot your self.. lol

  17. legz diamond Says:


  18. KillaMike Says:

    i wud luv dat bytch too if she knew how ta use a damn gun!

  19. Steve Says:

    Dis b***h is fucking ghetto fo real damn! But she do needa cut- retake that s**t she make herself look dumb puttin the clip in backwards and s**t, lol! Get you a black visa card fo sho!

  20. brabra Says:

    Inferiority Complex

  21. Fazzy D Says:


  22. J Po Says:

    Girl keep acting like that you you will not live to see 65

  23. Chi City! Says:

    Black visa Card lol must be from the Chi

  24. tea cakes Says:

    girl just shoot yo damm self cause if u was a real b***h check dem hos in they face u checkin screen girl u sad and tied

  25. Lqwid Says:

    She has some real pretty eyes. would you smash? LOL

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