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“The Untold Story: Nappy Heads” [Trailer]

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(Claimin How T-Pain Did His Old Group Dirty)

3 Responses to ““The Untold Story: Nappy Heads” [Trailer]”

  1. 32301 putnam Says:

    shouts out 2 da boys rabi n od

  2. 32301 putnam Says:

    robbery robber robbery now
    get on da ground n shut yo mouf
    yo money yo keys
    git on ya F***in knees

  3. 1 rhyliie a.k.a teddy Says:

    what it is people imma b da 1 of da first to say everything dat was said is true i mean 1000000% real dat nidda was 1 of my closest niggas hell i use 2 fix da n***a car for free when he was driven da cuttlas n dat dam raggady a*s tourus s**t da n***a got signed an aint seen or herd from da n***a since

    1 rhyllie a.k.a teddy
    pine ridge/ridge road

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