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Diddy Says He’s Not In The Game For The Money – C’mon Son!

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3 Responses to “Diddy Says He’s Not In The Game For The Money – C’mon Son!”

  1. Miss_Sassy Says:

    So why most of your career that’s all you talked about?

  2. Puff Daddy Says:

    Hey, Sean………SEAN!!!! Remember me, your old self? The admired and genuinely respected one, huh, remember? Remember when people used to laugh with us, haha, man those were good times. Anyways me and your pride are still missing you like the best song you probably ever did so hit us up whenever you come back to Yoursenses, UK. Awkwardly enough most people that read this post won’t comprehend why I started this particular sentence with “awkwardly”. And an equal amount of people will think that Yoursenses, UK is an actual province in the United Kingdom therefore hopefully this same grammatically and syntactically errored run-on sentence has clarified and proven itself a true representative of the level of intelligence earned by anyone who believes that bullshit.


    P.S. Its still “take that, take that” lol, remember?

  3. One who wrote comment above Says:

    LMAO ^^^^^^^^classic…

    example of true boredom

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