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Gangs Members In Denver Targeting Whites?

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News Media Is Reporting Members In Gangs Are Going After White Men

6 Responses to “Gangs Members In Denver Targeting Whites?”

  1. Sunny Da Mayor Says:

    f**k this Cracker!!

  2. London n***a Says:

    get those crackers…..they abuse niggas all the time but that dont make the news does it…….other way round and its breaking news. f**k these Honkys

  3. abc Says:

    f**k all white people ill do the same thing to you black power. my niggaz
    kill all whites for money

  4. j Says:

    gotta take the white mans money cause y’all cant make your own lazy assess. cant even fight one on one gotta always have ya boys in with ya damn cowards. they fucked up when they ended slavery gave y’all to much freedom thinking u can run over everyone and u own the world and can take whatever u want cause it happened to your ancestors.

  5. sheika Says:

    HA HA HA HA F**ck white

  6. Anonymous Says:

    fuckin stupid shame on all you racists

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