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50 Cent XXL Cover Shoot [Behind the Scenes]

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6 Responses to “50 Cent XXL Cover Shoot [Behind the Scenes]”

  1. theoneandonly Says:


  2. maino Says:

    my n***a

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dat n***a is doin everythin to get publicity after all the street is not fuckin with 50 cent
    rick ross still a better rapper !

  4. d. Says:

    -where were i u -in a cave-u nolight life people-anonymous-don’t even make me start-it’s a barber shop lyrics round now

  5. Anonymous Says:

    n***a you crazy f**k officer ricky 50 bodied him then banks took his head off after that.. 50 still got the game on lock and now hes lettin banks out the cage

  6. chell Says:

    He speaking the truth!!!

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