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September 16, 2017


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September 16, 2017


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September 15, 2017


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September 14, 2017

Raw Footage: 13 Good Squad Body Buildin Bouncers Give A Man A Brutal Beating At The Back Of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club!


(Is This Standard Behavior For An Average Bouncer?)

15 Responses to “Raw Footage: 13 Good Squad Body Buildin Bouncers Give A Man A Brutal Beating At The Back Of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club!”

  1. 212 Says:

    you guys are such pusssssy’s, never heard of a one on one??!!!

  2. lil hagz Says:

    man i wud of been runnin to my car 4 my fukn 40 an lay sum or dem fukn losers down 4real

  3. East Oakland Roy Says:

    And thats why I know MARTIAL ARTS I woulda BROKE at least a body part on 5 of them!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    hell na they let dat big b***h snuff dat n***a hahhaaha it sound like beanie was the camera man word up listen to dat n***a voice

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    p***y A*S bouncers thats why they get shot leaving the club o b***h a*s cunts

  7. sdfsdfsdf Says:

    next week i would spray them faggots with uzi , and f**k gay-z

  8. Juiceh Says:

    Yo man, first they kicking the dood on the ground, which is some b***h s**t. Then another dood tries to help the guy your about to stomp the f**k out and you beat his a*s too? Dont look like bouncers, look like a gang to me.

  9. YUNNY Says:

    shut the f up them dudes was probably in the club talking s**t!!!!!!!!!! always two sides to the story f**k you 50 cent ball suckers

  10. 1che Says:

    he dropped that first n***a with one punch….. 10 300 lbs pussies is what they were…. they kept hitting the n***a and he still aint go down….. fuckin rudies…. heads up looks like he would of gave them niggas the business

  11. nach Says:

    like ten huge niggas beating only one up!!1 dammm son i’ve seen pussies in my lifetime but dammmm!!!!

  12. rob_marley Says:

    I’ll be back with a nap sack & a gat..real talk

  13. the Kidd Says:

    jayz’s b***h a*s betta do suttin ,, i hate jayZ

  14. shadow gunner Says:

    wish i was there would of been a few dead bouncers

  15. Anonymous Says:

    i would have shoot those n****

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