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50 Cent Speaking On The Game & Rick Ross On Fuse


“I Can Destroy Him. Hes An Unattractive Man”

3 Responses to “50 Cent Speaking On The Game & Rick Ross On Fuse”

  1. GU4LN Says:

    “create a pufolier of dead bodies” HAHA

  2. maino Says:

    whos this guy interviewing 50, come on man he gon say that he goin at people below him the people he go after done already took shots at him but u dnt hear bout it bcause he killin em, and then had da nerve to say jay and nas was on da same level wen they was beefin, come on son 50 is on whole fuckin diffrent scale from dem dudes, bottom line dnt f**k wit fif!

  3. jondaboss Says:

    i agree wit maino

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