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Gangstas & Thugs (West Palm DVD) [35 Min Pt. 2]


11 Responses to “Gangstas & Thugs (West Palm DVD) [35 Min Pt. 2]”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Keygreazy Says:

    F**k you dirty sheets.

  3. Maurice Says:

    DIRTY SPADES??? U RACIST B*TCH N*GGA .. A while back u was talkin shyt like u a Gangsta, F*ckin punk azz HYPOCRITE..Spades iz wat white ppl call Black ppl u deceitful coward azz 2 face F*GGOT ! ! ! No wunda u call yo self ANONYMOUS cuz it means UNKNOWN..PUZZY !!!

  4. Georgia Boy Says:

    I didn’t see any gangstaz or thugz throughout this whole video, however since Anonymous (27 Nov) is talking about spades, I did enjoy watching them punk a$$ white boys get stomped out. Coward a$$, stay that way, it’s safer.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    they all should be killed

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Them niggas bout that

  7. Ghetto Fights - OwnagePranks Forum Says:

    […] version: Gangstas & Thugs (West Palm DVD) [35 Min Pt. 2] | Half the s**t in the video is like a minutes walk from the movie theater I go […]

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. Alfonso Dupont Says:

    Isn’t a “boo” what a black faggot calls his lover? Just asking.

  10. Steven A Hall Says:

    Niggaz just b hating. They wish they could b like us ….we gone do what we do best cuz long as fuckass niggaz sTay hating we must b doing something right.
    So suck my d**k and every one else’s..

  11. Anonymous Says:

    ima kill them niggaz

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