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“Big Money” Music Video by Family Comes First


One Response to ““Big Money” Music Video by Family Comes First”

  1. Guz of The Guzmán Bros. Says:

    Good looking out for posting our video!

    Special thanks personally to 50 Cent for letting our video go onto his site… “hope you like the video man!” Also, if you like our style and would consider having us pitch you some ideas — maybe even shoot a video — hit us up. We would love to work with an artist of your caliber and talent as both fellow artists and fans. Keep coming out with those fuego tracks and good luck in your acting career. If you are interested in working with us you can email us at:

    *Shout to Mace In Your Face Media/Guzmán Bros. production team: Orson Oblowtiz, Julian Bass and Brett Simon. Shout to C.Cash of MLB Music. Shout to Cynamin Jones of Soul Pitch Media. And of course, shout to LA-KID and T-RELL of F.C.F. Keep grinding guys and people should most definitely cop their “Entourage” album.*

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