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40 Glocc & Zoo Life Talking Wreckless About Young Money!


“Wayne Signed All The Young Homos In The Industry” Drake Writes Lil Wayne’s S**t “That Faggot B***h Nicki Minaj Is Trash”

5 Responses to “40 Glocc & Zoo Life Talking Wreckless About Young Money!”

  1. dreweezy Says:

    lmao. spin the bottle.

  2. T Says:

    thats real talk ymb is fags

  3. 50 Cal Says:

    The n***a in the middle looks like an ignorant faggot. Talks stupid so you know they ain’t smart. They just rich cuz they on 50’s d**k. They get paid to act tough I bet these doougler a*s niggaz can’t rumble one on one thats why they always surrounded by they h**o niggaz. LISTEN TO WHAT THEY LISTENING TO AT THE END LOL SOUNDS LIKE THEY GANNA GET BUSY WITH THEMSELFS THATS WHY THEY TURN OFF THE CAMERA BUNCH OF FAGGOT A*S NIGGAZ,

  4. Anonymous Says:

    young bunnys should be der names that n***a wayne getting da pole and maytaging when he go in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dat n***a to pretty fa jail he food fa dem niggaz trust me pc fa dat n***a ,yo 50 cal u sound mad at dem cats dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!!word

  5. Anonymous Says:

    50 cal i bet u just like dat two poossy

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