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Chris Brown Gets Cursed Out By Some Groupie For Rihanna Abuse!

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“Beater. You Belong In Jail P***y”

9 Responses to “Chris Brown Gets Cursed Out By Some Groupie For Rihanna Abuse!”

  1. Montoya Says:

    Wow…keep your head up Chris..all will be well and respect both of you..smh

  2. Blacc227 Says:

    so much of a p***y huh, why take the time out of your day to see him then? DUMB B***H ! keep ya head up Chris, f**k these hatin’ mutha fuckas

  3. kev Says:

    Yeah Chris. Don’t worry man. Don’t get caught next time! I know for sure you are still beating women! You learned your lesson. Plan the beat downs in private with tighter security. Douche!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How she going to hate on him and she was there with her camera

  5. YUNNY Says:

    wow wtf you people are crazy if he choked your sister or beat your mother would you still tell cris to keep his head up. if he was a regular dude that beat a woman his a*s would be in prison f**k that s**t.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Trust in Jehovah God with all your heart.- prov 3:5

  7. Nightdog Miami Says:

    somebody put a sock on piggys mouth

  8. james Says:

    chris don’t worry bout they say ok that b***h was talking s**t so live ur life with ur gf f**k all hates. we love u chris brown if u dnt like chris brown f**k you hates. u cant even what he do so stop talking s**t bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. MzCutie Says:

    F*** Dat Stupid @** H** She Dumb Founded… Why Yall Can’t get ova It Rihanna has and Chris 2 so why yall Still Runnin Ya D*** Suckers Dumm @** People Love ya Christopher Maurice Brown

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