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Nicki Minaj On Why People Hated On Her BET Cypher Freestyle!


“Besides KRS-One Who Else Can Freestyle Off The Top Of There Heads. All That Matters Is I Wrote My Own S**t”

10 Responses to “Nicki Minaj On Why People Hated On Her BET Cypher Freestyle!”

  1. C.J. Says:

    she a BAD A*S chick I think she has mad flow she just seems to be real childish tho when she goes into them crazy voices and all that Barbie talk thats a turn off other than that she is THAT CHICK

  2. ace tha done Says:

    one of the worst females rappers out proves if u suck the right d**k u can get a deal

  3. Ms.Coffey123 Says:

    I luv Nicki she is very entertaining.

  4. Tyrell Says:

    if ppl hatin on her den dat’s they problem but i wud luv to f**k da shyt outta her!

  5. Miss_Sassy Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Ace The Done

    Tyrell, no one is hating on her because she’s cute, it’s been established the chick is pretty. She just…sucks! Plain and simple.


    she sucks!!!!!!!!!!


    and she cant f**k with foxy brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. milli Says:

    I feel what C.J said she could spit to me, its all dat extra s**t I don’t like, like da weird faces she makes when she rapps

  9. nicki #1 fan Says:

    yall sum fucking haters dude she makeing her money not yall n most hated south she got foxy brown lame a*s n ace tha done u must suck d**k that how u got deal she had money before she start working with lil wayne dumb a*s sje tha best b***h ITS BARBIE B***H Ha ha ha Hi haters

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Man FuccK Dat Btikh ShE Not All That 2 TEll U Da Truth

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