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March 28, 2017


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March 28, 2017


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March 28, 2017

50 Cent Speaks To Kendra G About People Saying He Took Ja Rule’s Style By Singing In His Songs!

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(Doing What He Clowned On Ja For Doing) “Hes Trying To Hit High Notes”

5 Responses to “50 Cent Speaks To Kendra G About People Saying He Took Ja Rule’s Style By Singing In His Songs!”

  1. SPATE Magazine Says:

    Tellem Fif, thats what it is

  2. yeababy Says:

    ok i respect 50 but he did not answer the question. he is doing the same s**t ja did bac when. he should have just kept it real u makin r b tracks for the radio jus like ja did.. whts the difference

  3. Mpire Says:

    Damn 50 you bit Ja rule hardcore, you copied his style you always wanted to be like Ja, and now you melodically singing too…..punk a*s boo boo, you will neer sell as much as rule did, thats that thug s**t you say “I love you like a fat kid love cake” ja rule says “while im yanking ya braids thug style” and “that p***y feel like walkin ammonia” you p***y ja keeps it real! f**k all bandwagon hoppers!

  4. Kenny G Says:

    ha dude didnt know what the f**k to say he got caught up in his own words, ugh ugh lol fuckin bit ja p***y, tahts the same reason ja got melodic to sell albuma nd get people to hear what he really wanted to say on rest of album its murda!!!

  5. Detroit213 Says:

    50 Didn’t know what the f**k to say, I agree he copied ja rules style too he always looked up to ja, but rule fucked him up twice!! he will never be ja! I own every ja rule album and as 50 i only own get rich or die trying

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