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Joe Budden. Nicki Minaj. Buckshot, & Crown Royyal Freestyle Cypher


22 Responses to “Joe Budden. Nicki Minaj. Buckshot, & Crown Royyal Freestyle Cypher”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    nicki killed dis s**t

  2. Anonymous Says:

    nicki minaj fuckin dey head up

  3. Soul Meditation Says:

    You can tell nikki been around wayne. She sound like a female version of him

  4. Anonymous Says:

    yall niggaz below me THINK she went in but she was talkin some stupid s**t crown royal & buddens really went in…………………………

  5. Anonymous Says:

    call me dracula cause all i do is count chips? wtf is she talkin about?!?!?!….

  6. Anonymous Says:

    yea like when she said if you aint a barbie its none of ya freakin bees wax lmao she had few good lines tho



  8. Swave Says:

    Joe Budden killed it.. straight up and down
    At the dude who had the question about the ‘count chips’, Dracula is called Count Dracula, get it? Think about it..
    The Barbie line had to do with the fact barbies made of Wax..
    Nicci was cool, I didn’t really feel Buck, I mean, ‘dont play with me like a video game’? c’mon man..and CR was type wack, talking swagger bullshit..

    ‘student to the game, not a teachers pet’

  9. Crack Says:

    Yo Joe killed this cipher nobody touched it, then that cat crown royyal then nikki, that other cat was wack

  10. Buck Tha World Says:

    yo anonymus she was talkin bout the count dracula from sesimie street lol 1, 2, 3, ahaha 3 (insert somting he counts)

  11. ace tha done Says:

    joe killed it the rest of these bums need to step there game up nikki W.T.F was she talking bout anyone that thinks she can spit is as dump as she is just cause u got a nice azz dont mean u can rap

  12. Anonymous Says:

    hands down joe budden and nicki minaj had the best verse outta all the ciphas

  13. d. Says:

    i agree-joe kill it -take that tahiry -and nicki minaj a*s shadowed her lol-nah she did it to-i knew tha female mc s**t will bang thez day(miss trina,Miss Minaj,Eve,Shawna and Remi ma)

  14. Miss_Sassy Says:

    Uhhh, is it just me or is Nicki d**k ridin Kim’s old style mad hard? Does anyone remember when Kim called herself barbie? What about when she called herself Kim Lewinsky? Or how about her infamous pose with her legs wide open? Everything Nicki is doing now, and no one says anything.

    I can’t believe what’s going on with hip hop these days. Put a sexy chick in a dress and have her spit a bunch of recycled s**t and she’s the new Queen?


  15. Warrior Says:

    NIKKI Was trash……Joe budden killed it … and buck shot were iight

  16. Lilnice Says:

    Was Joe Buddens taking shots at Raekwon and Jay -Z “Yeah you probably won the award but didn’t deserve it you past your prime I ain’t spit ETHER yet word on the streets I made the OGs B upset cause Im a student of the game not a TEACHER’s pet” lol great subliminals

  17. malachi1296 Says:

    yo joe budden did kill dat s**t i f**k wit nikki minaj she sexxy as hell and i give it 2 her she hold it down 4 da ladies do ya thing shawty dat crown royal cat it seem like he was tryin 2 cum off da way nikki minaj did buck shot was a lil old skool need 2 get his punchlines and vocab but i say buddens then nikki minaj

  18. Unknown Says:

    nikki murdered it….crown royal is wack…. buckshot is done is a wrap dude…..joey did his thing

  19. Me x 3 Says:

    Yo you all wrong yo she said call me dracula cause all i do is “count” chips as in count all your medaphor listenin skills suck yo thats word b… nobody but jump off joey b killed it yo nikki needs to stop ridin waynes d**k cause she was mad tuff before she went with young moneys botty was to happy… buckshot was nice but he needs to pick it up alittle

  20. keke f baby Says:

    hell yea i totally agree with ole gurl that said that nicki was jockn off lil kim only reason nicki hot na is because she with the hottest niggas in the game but how long will that last? IMA C WHAT SHE REALLY ABOUT NA SINCE WAYNE LOCKED UP!

  21. jswavor Says:

    um Miss_Sa**y wtf are u talkin bout nicki ridin kim….like thats no comparison at all dnt ever do that again…nicki way better then kim at rappin n they dnt sound nothin alike u cant compare 2 ppl like that

  22. TQ Says:

    To jswavor: Kim way better than Nikki, and go listen to an old Kim album, Nikki sounds like a wannabe mini me. Listen to an entire Kim album and actually listen to the words not the beats and you will see she is way better lyrically, but i do agree with u that this is no comparison at all because Nikki hasn’t earned to be in the same sentence with her. If u listen to old albums they sound exactly alike, except Kim goes harder.

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