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Birdman Drops $55K At The Louis Vuitton Store In Paris


Lil Wayne Performs For An Ocean Of People!

8 Responses to “Birdman Drops $55K At The Louis Vuitton Store In Paris”

  1. yunny Says:

    were supposed to be proud of that. why dont you give some starving african in darfur the money. I hope his a*s go bankrupt.

  2. zoxcity Says:

    so menny poor people he can feed and this is what he do with the money he got africa is fuckt up and thisis what we see

  3. yeababy Says:

    yo its his money he can do what he want with it. im sure he donated some of his money before.. and i wish his hype man would shut the f**k up cuz aint s**t in them bags for him…

  4. blaqque78 Says:

    Its his money he earned he don’t gotta give nobody s**t were the ones buying all there albums and all and all yall gonna get on here and say wat this cat should do wit his cheese come on yall quit hatin

  5. yunny Says:

    he dont have to but why not give money to the poor we know he rich why buy bs. thats why i respect anglina jolie and brad pitt. they are not black but they do more for blacks that bird man and all rappers dame shame

  6. Anonymous Says:

    lol damn wayne is like his b***h…doing alll the hard work while baby spends his s**t

  7. d. Says:

    it’s call-boss-dumb a*s-and let the byrds fly-he’s a ………………………………………………………lucky rich black men-get u roll on hater-bet u ‘ll shut the f**k up if u two were trading place financialy.prrrrouww prrrouwwww

  8. Romeo757 Says:


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