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Candy Shop- Kayla From Washington


9 Responses to “Candy Shop- Kayla From Washington”

  1. ross Says:

    dammmmn that is a nice a*s , she is fittt !!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    best vid ever i wanna hit dat

  3. Will Says:

    Yeah, best vid; She’s the 1st one on WSHH to actually show her tits

  4. igotzweed Says:

    woooooo dat wud b sum real gud titty fuckin!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    dammmm that looks real good

  6. I Love Da N.O. Says:

    she aiight, she sticking her a*s out to make it look bigger than it is. She’s not bad though.

  7. Rome Says:

    Yo, all I can say DAMN!!

  8. deucelinni Says:

    She is aiight!! that’s fo’sho, she just needs ah little bit more rythem like let a black girl who strips so her some more moves and she will b tyte!! But over all she’s about a 9

  9. gmoney Says:

    thats the only chick that showed everything good job gurl…

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