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Oj Da Juiceman Gets Boo’D Offstage At BB Kings In New York!


(Crowd Giving Him The Finger & All)

8 Responses to “Oj Da Juiceman Gets Boo’D Offstage At BB Kings In New York!”

  1. k geddis Says:

    the only reason for that was because he was in new york at the time.down south niggas would have never did that.I guess they stick to their guns in nyc but guess what we do down here towe rep gucci and juice all day so f**k you haterz.. SO THERE YA GO B***H

  2. Anonymous Says:

    F**K OJ MANE

  3. Rome Says:

    I from florida….I’m sorry but that n***a is garbage….I ain’t haten’ but, he sucks

  4. Rk6 Says:

    LMAO!! I don’t care where he’s from, garbage is garbage. OJ is trash real talk NYC know whats up. Don’t come to the land where hip-hop was born and think that half a*s s**t is gonna get a pass

  5. yunny Says:

    he sucks point blank period he dont rhyme all he say is ay ay ay ok sorry I am from Georgia and he and gucci straight embarrasing

  6. big dog Says:

    oj need ta squeeze sum real juice cuz dis n***a iz 1 a tha most fakest mc’s since p. diddy daddy diddle wateva tha f**k he iz nowadays..throw dat nicca off da stage n stomp his wack azz back ta where he came from mane!!!!

  7. gmoney Says:

    hang it up bro…he only got nice with that lp with jada…

  8. gerhet Says:

    oj da juice man? da n***a booty!!!!!

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