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Clipse Talk Kanye And Stage Crashers


Expect to be slapped silly if you think about running on stage during a Clipse performance.

One Response to “Clipse Talk Kanye And Stage Crashers”

  1. CHE$-TOWN Says:

    On some real s**t, these Clipse niggas are just some rap niggas 4 real!!! I’m from the “V” 757 to be exact, born and raised in the same streets these niggas claim but never are in. Trust when I tell you they AIN’Tgoing to slap, kick, or hit nothing! I know niggas that robbed them personally, Gene(Malice) use to work at a gas-station outside my hood in “CHE$-TOWN” when he got out the Military he cop’d his trees from us. Terrance(Pusha T) is sweet, my guy yap’d him for his gold Rolex bare-faced cuz he used to f**k with him and he knew how p***y T is! I like their raps and thats where they get their respect from but they better stay in there lane cuz they ain’t never been nothing more than some spoiled niggas from the suburds in Va. Beach!

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