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50 Cent – Crime Wave Dirty-[CDQ]


Hate won’t help! This sh*t is too hot!! “Crime Wave” is off of Before I Self Destruct In stores November 23rd!

5 Responses to “50 Cent – Crime Wave Dirty-[CDQ]”

  1. demetries ellis Says:

    This the s**t i been waiting for all year 50 the best rapper alive

  2. gmoney Says:

    lol……..this is call the take over…..get em 50

  3. d. Says:

    whoaa whoaaa woaaa whoaaaa waawaaa

  4. rick ross Says:

    man this s**t tight i love 50 cent

  5. CHE$-TOWN Says:

    “”I DO AWAY WIT 9 NIGGAS IN 9 DAYS,, MY .9MM SPRAYS WHEN S**T DON’T GO MY WAY,, I CAUSE A CRIME WAVE!!!”” -50 bodied that s**t!!!

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