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Ed Lover-Cmon Son Pt6


Ed Lover Presents: C’MON SON PT 6: Speaks On Ballon Boy,Officer Ricky,Akon,Wyclef Jean,Lamar Odom and more:Funny S**T

One Response to “Ed Lover-Cmon Son Pt6”

  1. MissEssence Says:

    WTF, is up with Akon & Wy, I guess they begging for some attention. Its like some of these hip hop niggas losing their minds. They need to get off that Lindsey Lohan s**t, Real Talk.

    I feel you on that Lamar Odom s**t, see what I’m saying you know she look worst than franken*****, dont give her that much credit. LOL……..

    Money talk bullshit walk, therefore Jay-Z is the best. Lil Wayne still the S***t, he can flow give him his props.

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