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Dude Gets Dropped Right Inside Walmart!


12 Responses to “Dude Gets Dropped Right Inside Walmart!”

  1. Mr. Tatted Up Says:

    why push the dude from behind? That was some p***y s**t!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    more and more p***y dudes running aroud can anybody fucking fight head up with out gettin sucker punched or jumped the coolest thing to do in the world when somebody talking s**t is for both of you put your hands up and knock a mf out save gun play for real beef and money .you dont want to do 20 years just for getting snuff .

  3. Nightdog Miami Says:

    yep , cheap shot, the guy gets no credit. attacking from the back is not he’s slapping, thats girl stuff.

  4. Sleepingfox Says:

    thats really awesome to do in front of a little girl fuckin idiots

  5. hustla Says:

    mannn thats mann pushed that man from behind that was a sucka move then you gonna hit em when he’s down mannn no comment..

  6. Jaycmd01 Says:

    Dat Fucked up that waz a p***y shot,why he did’nt fight face 2 face?

  7. twin Says:

    dat n***a do s**t from the bak nikka square up b***h

  8. London n***a Says:

    thats y black ppl will never prosper, we need to stop the bullshit.

  9. lb Says:

    such a p***y a*s move. faggots

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. Steve Says:

    Dat dude should’ve turn around and s**t not just keep walkin if a muthafuckin was talking s**t to me I would turn around and get in a muthafuckas face!

  12. gerhet Says:

    man all types of s**t be go’n down at wally world

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