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Birdman Says Lil Wayne Is Better Than Jay-Z

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“Wayne The Best. He Make The Most Money. Lyrically Can’t Nobody F*ck With Wayne”

5 Responses to “Birdman Says Lil Wayne Is Better Than Jay-Z”

  1. MissEssence Says:

    I feel you Birdman, Lil Wayne Lyrics is crazy, im talking about he spit s**t every hood every ghetto can feel. I can’t wait till his next album drop, keep doing your thang, Wayne.

    Of course Jay-Z win by majority, cause the media says he got more money, but like Birdman said, can he really rap, do people really feel his music. I mean who cares about auto-tunes, let Jay-Z tell it, i feel like its Art, be versatile.

  2. RasNy Says:

    B***h shut the f**k up and make sure yo chiken head a*s graduate from high school u lack comprehension skills tryna make sense outt s**t comin from a dumb ignorant n***a…. yo birdman when u gonna stop fuckin wayne in the a*s…

  3. igotzweed Says:

    wat birdman wuz really tryin to say wuz that lil wayne iz better in makin love to him than jay-z be doin to beyonce LMMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. MissEssence Says:

    What the f**k you know about comprehension when your first words are profanity, you dumb MF, Go suck a D**k you gay a*s n***a. Let it be known I hold a BA & MA, its so obvious you a low class black angry n***a LOL……. Stop being a hater u know you want to f**k Wayne too LOL………..

    I hope i didnt hurt your feeling!

  5. Victor Says:

    MissEssence.. can i stick my D**k in yo a*s!

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