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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017

Ja Rule Gets At 50 Cent For Mentioning His Name On Behind The Music!


“This B***h A*s Nicca Boo Boo. He Owe Me Alot Of Checks” Speaks On Releasing An Upcoming 3 CD Album

9 Responses to “Ja Rule Gets At 50 Cent For Mentioning His Name On Behind The Music!”

  1. billy peters Says:

    ja rule your a fake a*s niger im a white boy and ill come to your hood and beat the f**k out of you p***y!

  2. buck Says:

    ja rule is a faggot p***y b***h

  3. Marcello Says:

    he still a wanksta & a has been.. f**k dis white boy too! tryna act gangsta p***y ha ha

  4. theoneandonly Says:

    why the f**k am i even watchin dis bird a*s due talkin rite now wanna be tupac fuk dis due 50 murdered u already

  5. Victor Says:

    Ja Rule cant handle tha fact dat 50 keep blowin up while he be blowin nutz!

  6. Lisa Lisa NYC Says:

    c/s theoneandonly……ja need to be glad somebody mentioned his dam name.

  7. jimmys the new boss Says:

    i feel what he sayn bout barack but the rest of it was garbage

  8. black boy white boy Says:

    are we allowed to say white boy or is that racist or is black boy racist,

    pot is so 90’s

    hydro fro is whack

  9. night rider Says:

    ja la la la la la la la!!

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