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I Want To Work For Diddy Season 2 Trailer

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(Alot Of Drama!)

2 Responses to “I Want To Work For Diddy Season 2 Trailer”

  1. Says: for more hip-hop videos

  2. Nightdog Miami Says:

    ha ha , sister death me to death. Dont listen to diddy, working for him is not the best, he like people to kiss his a*s, and hell throw you to the curb when he feel like hes being jeopardize with his reputation, look at Shyne, G dep , Black Rob. where they at? Diddy left em in the cold. thats why diddys music is crap. his job is for a*s kissers and people who sell their soul for money, like whores. you want to be that?
    Go for a real job or career wherer you earn your respect like the army or veterinarian.

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