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Fat Kid Catches The Holy Ghost Over McDonald’s! LMFAO

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11 Responses to “Fat Kid Catches The Holy Ghost Over McDonald’s! LMFAO”

  1. str8 up Says:

    McDonald’s betta be on the lookout…LMFAO!!!!!!

  2. tj Says:

    This is a mess!!!!

  3. Says: for more hip hop videos

  4. Rasheed Says:

    lol, sumbody give dis boy sum holy water!

  5. ChristinaDior Says:

    LMFAOOOOOOO.i wouldn’t be surprised if he did a McDonald’s commercial.

  6. eastwarren ron Says:

    eastwarren boss lord kingz

  7. Takina Says:

    I lovd this, they got it going on……Don’t hate

  8. Vivian Says:

    It won’t be long before Taco Bell tries to replicate something like this like they did with the other McDonald’s video (the rap at the drive thru)

  9. Anna Says:

    Lol Sweet tea, Gotta be sweet. They need a McDonalds commercial.

  10. gerhet Says:

    all dem niggas look like they eat ay mcdonalds too.. lol

  11. Anonymous Says:


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