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Soulja Boy Shows Off Jewelry, Luggage & Cash!

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5 Responses to “Soulja Boy Shows Off Jewelry, Luggage & Cash!”

  1. d. Says:

    i knew he was’nt brokke, just pass tha lambo and the house smile back u kno.

  2. Says: for more hip-hop videos

  3. dvon Says:

    what a worthless pile of crap. hope he is broke in 5 years and in jail for tax fraud.

  4. bigga Says:

    die a 1000 painful deaths u fuckhead

  5. Me.. Says:

    *sigh* How many starving, hungry, unfortunate people has he helped? If anybody decides to kidnap him, I gues they know exactly what he has one hand huh? This is what happens when irresponsible meets money* LAME

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