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Turk @HotBoyTurk32 – Blood

May 25, 2017


Cassius – Million Dollar Walk

May 25, 2017

Behind The Music: 50 Cent Part 3


Eminem Recalls Meeting 50 Cent

11 Responses to “Behind The Music: 50 Cent Part 3”

  1. Gov Printz Says:

    i been patiently waitn fa a track to explode on….
    tha Gov

  2. Gov Printz Says:

    ps gucci mane not seein fif…im from tha DURTY….wakk azz n***a…ima get tha inspiration….

  3. zoxcity Says:

    this s**t was hot bisd nov 17

  4. Jazz Says:

    You can hate him or love him. It really doesn’t matter. The bottom line is he deserves a lot of respect. He put the game to another level.

  5. Says: for 2009 vh1 hip hop honnor

  6. Hottestchickinthegame Says:

    God HELP ME I love this man!!!!

    I just can’t get enough!

    Well done VH1

    Real talk though, being from Cali….I bought The Games’ first 2 albums, and I REALLY wanted to like him cuz he was from Cali and 50 was co-signin’ him and makin’ money off him etc, but there was always something so FAKE and I as always very skeptical about him. My son’s dad was runnin’ around wit’ him around that time and he was all on his d**k, but I wasn’t and he couldn’t stand it LOL. The hoodrats/byrds had so many stories going around bout him and his b***h a*s attitude that were so interesting and believable (byrds can be so entertaining if given the correct amounts of weed and Goose LOL!), even before he started poppin’ off bout my man 50 so when 50 let him go, I was happy cuz someone had to knock him down….sucks for him it happened even before he even got up LOL!

    Long live KiNG 50! I wish you nothin’ but success babe!

  7. G-Unit Says:

    any1 know if there is another episode or is that it?

  8. BK Says:

    I hate the game,100% h**o !!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    long live and more success fif!!

  10. iceage Says:

    what the song that plays in background at 08:05

  11. Me.. Says:

    Wow…luv you 50. So intelligent.

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