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Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Behind The Music: 50 Cent Part 1


“Success Addict” 50 Cent’s Behind The Music Special debuts on VH1 Oct. 13.

15 Responses to “Behind The Music: 50 Cent Part 1”

  1. Gov Printz Says:

    sup fif…G-UNIT N***A!

  2. wright Says:

    The greatest of all-time… BISD

  3. Says: for 2009 vh1 hip hop honnor

  4. G-unit honcho Says:

    Damn i missed it when it aired………….

  5. dddd Says:

    I love you 50 Cent. you are the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  6. dddd Says:

    you have no idea how much I love your music. I have been a huge fun since I was 14 years old……you are a true inspiration

  7. Wilt Says:

    I swear if everybody had the fearless muthafukin attitude that 50 got Everybody cud b a success like 50.
    I fuk wit 50 bcus he hoe niggas nd force em n 2 a corner nd make them side wit him and get paid from the s**t. So If u dnt fuk wit 50 u a faggott and u dnt like money. he might not b the best rapper but he the realest n***a in it. nd If niggas say he ain’t they lyin through they mutha fuk’n teeth. Straight da fuk up
    G-unit if u fuk wit em and G-unot if u dont…lol

  8. trapperoftheyear Says:

    ggggg unit, 50 does this, he is the definition of a real hustler….his GOD blessed,

    keep getting money 50

  9. d. Says:

    ….the man is the men..that’s it-take your destiny on your own hands…. -now that’s motivation.

  10. the men. Says:

    ….the man is the men..that’s it-take your destiny on your own hands…. -now that’s motivation.

  11. letícia cabral teixeira Says:

    adorei tudo relacionado a ele eu gosto! ele é tudoooo de+ tudo de bom mesmo!

  12. letícia cabral teixeira Says:

    fofo lindas essas fotos dele quando criança!

  13. letícia cabral teixeira Says:

    pow poderia ter como por legenta fica + legal de ver um documentário do nosso idolo sabendo oq estão dizendo!!!

  14. 50cent Says:

    50 Cent. you are the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  15. Tiki Says:

    I love hearing, reading and watching success stories and you are truly a success story! You had and still have that ambition, motivation and unstoppable drive and how could you not have been successful with all that going on! I know your grandma is really proud of you as well as the rest of your family. I know you kind of scared them growing up. There’s nothing like a wonderful grandma and I know you are her baby no matter how “grown” you are (ha ha). People can hate on you all day but at the end of the day you worked hard to get to where you are nobody gave it to you. Just like you said “you made yourself a millionaire by yourself”. I think all of your success is so wonderful, inspiring and motivating. Keep on doing ya thing. You are a true star, that diamond in the rough, the underground king.

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