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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017

Total Mayhem In The Projects: Dudes Fighting Chick With Tree Branches

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Ol Girl Came Out With A Vacuum Cleaner!

11 Responses to “Total Mayhem In The Projects: Dudes Fighting Chick With Tree Branches”

  1. Dapper Don Says:

    Mad hood!

  2. black people Says:


    stop posting s**t like this. promoting violence. “cant we all just get along…”

  3. Says:

    first off i think i seen barney the dinosaurs big purple a*s.
    second what is dude with the strip shirt doin standin in the middle, both sides shoulda hit him.
    thirdshout out to the sorry a*s camera man who shakes the fuckin cam the whole time…sit the f**k still or get a stand
    and last hows tha b***h gonna bring a vaccum ut after her stick gets stolen…ha ha ha
    overall though s**t is fuckin funny

  4. Soul Meditation Says:

    Its so sad we dont have no respect for women anymore. Them dudes fought them girls like niggas.If a n***a hit my lil girl like that then its shots fired man down

  5. Cpimpin Says: u fight somebody wit a vacuum cleaner???

  6. London n***a Says:

    only those dumb a*s americans!!! tut tut tut…….god bless america

  7. tee Says:

    fcuken pussys fighting gainst women too much yelling no action boring only in america big mouths

  8. gerhet Says:

    one chick came out wit a vacuum..WTF

  9. Anonymous Says:

    first off they lame as f**k trying to fight some females. Second they must be some weak a*s bitches to have fucking tree branches and s**t to try to fight them with. Third why in the f**k did that big a*s lady have her shirt off. HELL NAW!!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Man ..I feel disgusted …these are some fake dudes who have to pick up weapons just to fight girls..situations like that there are no more rules I would jus have to go all out and make them dudes sorry they ever thought about beatin on females.

  11. FatSquatch Says:

    i can tell this was up north S**t goes down a little different down here in south Texas

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