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Rick Ross Calls Floyd Mayweather A Girl! “The Boy Is Sweet”


Officer Ricky doesn’t need to see the speed of those hands.

8 Responses to “Rick Ross Calls Floyd Mayweather A Girl! “The Boy Is Sweet””

  1. bud3000rms Says:

    man that bike dont work fat boy

  2. Nightdog Miami Says:

    Played out ross picking on mayweather because thats 50’s boy, mayweather will break ross nose same way he broke the big show’s nose. that other character , ross boy, the one with the black white stripe jacket is fucking disgusting , he shows up in jumbo’s buffet in miami 135 and biscayne blvd,with his boxers showing ,pants all way down , stinking up an area with his smelly a*s in an area where theres food and families, fucking idiot.

  3. DRAGG Says:

    Maaaan, F**K RICK ROSS A.K.A CHICK ROSS and his b***h a*s crew. His boy sound like he been suckin Chick Ross d**k all his f**k a*s life. Chick Ross, give the rap game up cause u ain’t fucking wit none of the real Heavy Weights in the game, specially my n***a 50. U lucky 50 ain’t had yo punk a*s touched yet.

  4. Dapper Don Says:

    I thought he was gonna pull a Young Buck!!! lol

    Carol City Cops!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    electric bike psh tryinto give it away to sumbody who buy yo lame a*s album desperate

  6. g rob Says:

    this clown dont even know how to crank up the bike

  7. C.J. Says:

    floyd mayweather will f**k his fat a*s up, his music cool he just talk too much s**t and his crew some clowns i seen that dreadlock n***a gunplay KNOCKED THE F**K OUT on the net sleepin and s**t

  8. That Bay Area Chick!! Says:


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