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Dj Khaled Goin In On How Rick Ross Is #5 MC In The World!

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(Rick Ross & The Clipse Out In Miami) [10 Min]

4 Responses to “Dj Khaled Goin In On How Rick Ross Is #5 MC In The World!”

  1. H.M.H.A Says:

    I use2 think the Clipse were real dudes til i saw them d**k rydin this fat C.O…

    And DJ Khaled surely has to be the most annoying human being known to man, I just wanted 2 punch my computer screen lookin at that clowns face.

  2. Word Em' Up Says:

    I can never take the Clipse serious again. Not that their international playboy cocaine pusher raps were even remotely real, but this s**t just makes me wanna slap the braids off of that n***a Terrence. Clubbing with a C.O. who had perfect attendance? Say word, son. Say word.

    F**k outta here with that “top 5 emcee in the world” bullshit b. You know Goddamn well that s**t meant niggaz with the most “buzz” (whatever that means). There are about a thousand rap niggaz who I would put ahead of Ricky Ross the bauce, and none of them made Music Televisions list.

    DJ Khaled is a musty f**k too.

  3. zoxcity Says:

    this cop a*s n***a that list aint is gay

  4. zoxcity Says:

    that list is gay he a cop how he the boss

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