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Lil Boy Thuggin Too Hard!


“Your Ugly A*s Raggity MuthaF*ckin Car”

17 Responses to “Lil Boy Thuggin Too Hard!”

  1. str8 up Says:

    Lil bad a*s!!!

  2. mac11 Says:

    What fuckin movie is this??? thats hilarious

  3. rok Says:

    go get some wic or somthang

  4. Says:

    this kid is the s**t… where is HIS reality show, evryone else got one… somebody better put this boy either on TV or on ritalin one of the two.

  5. MASTER Says:

    This is classic. A Damn shame!!! The kid is funny though. I hope he bullet proof talking like that.

  6. Soul Meditation Says:

    2:45 to 2:49 Too funny LOL

  7. GeeYo Says:

    Lol. Remember seeing the last 2 skits back in the day still funny as hell!!!!

  8. Diego Says:

    yo who iz this kid n where iz this from cuz he’s funny..

  9. DRAGG Says:

    This s**t is too funny. Love it.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    what movie is this

  11. SWOLDBOY Says:

    someone tell us what dam movie is this so we can get blunted and watch this s**t

  12. sugarbear Says:

    youngin remind me of dat lil gangsta from dat movie My Baby’s Daddy…lol

  13. Nightdog Miami Says:

    Ha ha

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. CHILLY WILLY270 Says:


  16. iop Says:

    gary coleman haha

  17. Anonymous Says:

    The movie is called “Livin’ The Life”

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