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Birdman in Amsterdam


(In A Private Jet With Family, Showing Off Black Diamonds & Smokin It Up At A Weed Shop)

7 Responses to “Birdman in Amsterdam”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    stunna 101

  2. BirdGangBona Says:

    Thats what a n***a talkn bout get it how ya live my nig!

  3. Dapper Don Says:


  4. d. Says:

    top tree made men dat i respect for keeping tha industry alive– fifty-birdman- diddy- (baby is there not because of tha video-but bcauz i follow cash money seens bg time and juve and block is hot and turk video and fresh step and get u roll on gotdamm too many-

  5. K!nG Says:

    Smoke dat good weed!!!!!!

  6. Says:

    none of that weed even looked that great i smoked all them but the cheese(never even heard of it). train wreck is a downer high they definitly dont want that before a show.i f you in ohio and got whats good get at me on twitter.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    cashmoney is the greatest

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