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Mobbed On: 3 Chicks Start To Beat On Some Husky Guy!

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“B***h Let me Sho U Something”

2 Responses to “Mobbed On: 3 Chicks Start To Beat On Some Husky Guy!”

  1. Booboo ur spirit Shaboogie' Says:

    wow-i wonder what that was about….I could have SWORN i heard a GUN clack back…r u serious…he did tell her several times to CHILL…..women can PROVOKE a man….I am glad she backed OFF….I guess cuz the others fellows were like bitches this n bitches that…..OK!

    booboo ur spirit!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    man her thirsty fat a*s..dats wat da f**k she coulda been alot worser and it looked like they just came 4rm a wake or disrespectful of her..he obviously wasn’t in the mood 2 b fuckd wit..lmao

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