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Hell Rell speaks about Max B and Tru Lifes Legal Troubles


4 Responses to “Hell Rell speaks about Max B and Tru Lifes Legal Troubles”

  1. H.M.H.A Says:

    Hell Rell kept it real in this interview, ima Tru Life fan and normally hell rell comes across like a clown, but he kept it 100 in this interview.

  2. nuyorican*soul Says:

    i rep that brooknam with mad fam in the Lowa (big up to the whole delancy) but tru dont need no sympathy from them dudes he got a big fam (street official) holdin him down….Free Tru Life

  3. Anonymous Says:

    damm yo if that true n***a should have took the 10 years but why show up if even think you gonna get crazy time if you 27 and even get 35 years you home at 62 its over 75 years means life yo n***a should hav e ran or shot it out .f-ing bullsh*t lawyer

  4. smerk don polo Says:

    f**k dipset f**k hell rell f**k all dem nikkka ya noe whoz the wavy who runz the street men get at us men free max b frecnhie doin his thing 2million dollar bail nd a 2 million dollar contract f**k otha hea ya donot make money hell rell keep suckin d**k nikka we so wavy we touch it on mami bang bang bang f**k ya FREE MAX B!!!!!!!

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