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Coco Behind The Scenes Playboy Promo


8 Responses to “Coco Behind The Scenes Playboy Promo”

  1. str8 up Says:

    I’m goin’ cukoo 4 coco’s puffs!!!!!

  2. theoneandonly Says:

    god bless

  3. Rocket Says:

    i got her calendaz n then sum…still luvin it..

  4. cool breeze Says:

    shes tha only reason y i wish i wuz Ice-T!

  5. Diego Says:

    coco iz still bangin..damn mami!!!

  6. Maurice Says:

    i alwayz wunder wut tha f**k she c in Ice-T.. cuz he be lookin like he old enuff to be her daddy… and i dont mean pimp daddy?

  7. Abu Says:

    Need her In my BED

  8. eric Says:

    I would suck and f**k coco for 24 hours!

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