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Nick Cannon Gettin At Eminem & Wendy Williams!


“Scared Of Spongebob Not Eminem” + Shot At Wendy Williams! Calls Her A Man

9 Responses to “Nick Cannon Gettin At Eminem & Wendy Williams!”

  1. mike Says:


  2. the Kidd Says:

    nick is such alil b***h stfu up already ,,n***a boned ur wife ,deal with it ,, this video is so wack this kids a young uncle tom … has to mention spangebob cuz his lil f*g a*s prolly still watch nick jr …. since he grew up on it … straight herb ,,.. like my man said b4 u gotta come harder than that

  3. Shaboogie' Says:

    Whatever………..He’s a..Cornball!

  4. Blaaze Says:

    WTF does being relevant have to do with anything being scared of someone? So spongebob is relevant im scared of him… wtf? Nick, just stop. please.

  5. Jamal Says:

    this n***a ain’t wild n out @ all!!!

  6. Juiceh Says:

    Dont understand why this guy keeps trying, Em is on a whole other level than him. Em is a hip hop icon and legend, people fucks with ems music on a global scale, you cant find one place they dont bang out an eminem tune. Last time I saw Nick Cannon before this vid, is that kid program Nickolodean or some s**t.

    Only reason the guy has the spotlight on him, is due to Mariah and his feud with Em, this guy is a fool. He should know his role, stay behind your woman in the background and stfu.

  7. hahaha Says:

    I don’t see Nick’s career enjoying the level of success Em’s has. Top selling hip hop artist of 2009, winner of MTV’s best hip hop video, VH1’s top mc poll, MTV’s online hottest MC pole (since it was voted by the fans I think more relevant than their own), not only appearing with the hottest names in hip hop and( common knowledge he KILLED everyone) on Forever

    C’mon son……you got wildin out and america’s got fucking talent h**o

  8. Anonymous Says:

    that shyt was WEAK!!!

  9. NoVa Says:

    Mr. Mariah Carey is afraid of SpongeBob!!! he’s got to be afraid of being funny since this video sucked more than SUPERHEAD!! looks like he needs Kat Williams to help him out again w/the funny like on Wildn’ Out.

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