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November 15, 2017

Rosa Acosta & Tammy Torres Behind The Scenes Of 2010 Calendar Photoshoot!


Rosa Acosta and Tammy Torres get a little wetter than expected in this new clip.

41 Responses to “Rosa Acosta & Tammy Torres Behind The Scenes Of 2010 Calendar Photoshoot!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Can you marry me ?

  2. str8 up Says:

    Hell no!!!!! Marry yo damn self!!!! I want tha both of ’em!!!!!!

  3. biggrobb2k Says:

    all i got to say is WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CJ Says:

    Rosa bad as hell i’m tyin to give up on celeb crushes tho every one I end up liking gets married or knocked up so i’ma just try to find a bad a*s regular chick unless my music actually takes off

  5. Blackberry Says:


  6. ADub Says:

    This ish aint even right!!!!!!! They both on sum other level with the sexy!!

  7. joyrd mobster Says:

    buddafly booty

  8. steven Says:

    damn !!!!!! the dude taking the pics must got a hard on …

  9. scarfacesniffincocacaine Says:

    That is the b***h souldja boy is dating? i aint mad at him


    damn =)

  11. Weight Training Says:

    I’ll drink your bath water, even while your on your period.

  12. dr4life Says:

    goddddddddd dayummmmmm holla at me mami

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Larmar U wanna Marry this next

  14. Anonymous Says:

    GOD DAMN!!!

  15. Says:

    Well, those are two nice girls. Admin Speaking BooBooTv should be bigger than THISIS50 right now very good videos.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Look at that booty! Class A

  17. j Says:

    DAMN!! @2:46 thats how i’d have them posted up. takin turns on em. how much money would it cost cuz thats not an issue.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    DAMN!!!!!! a Dominican and a Rican.. wat else can u ask for?

  19. Anonymous Says:


  20. Gonzalo Arreola Jr. Says:

    Two hot latina ladies that’s great doing a sexy calender for 2010 and that’s all great

  21. Anonymous Says:

    worse dan bad”” both of yuh gurls horrible

  22. Anonymous Says:

    How can you be so skinny with such a nasty a*s and a bunch of cellulite???

  23. Anonymous Says:


  24. n***a Says:

    this 2 pssy suck a lot of freakin cocks u kno wut im sayin,they sucked all the time my frekin c**k and i cummed to da face on costa and she swalow it u kno wut im sayin

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I want that calender

  26. Blue Hefner Says:

    soulja boys a damn lie!

  27. Sylwester Says:

    DAMN!! There is Hot , I All Take It

  28. Felipe Says:

    Beautiful girls! They are perfect. I love them!

  29. silencer185 Says:

    I dont mean to sound like a hater but that light skin one maybe her name tammy look funny. She look like she got butt implants. Her butt dont match her thighs. She look weird. Alot of fake body parts in that calendar.

  30. silencer185 Says:

    I hate when people do surgery to alter their appearance. What if a lady look like wanda from in living color then changes her face to look like Megan Fox. You marry her have some kids and then your daughters look like Wanda. That shyt is misleading. They should just try to enhance what god gave them with the gym and not with a knife.

  31. ricky Says:

    that’s a hot calendar for sure can’t wait to check the final product 🙂

  32. n***a Says:

    silencer185 ill tell u that tammy sucked of my freakin c**k for real and yall nigazz cant do s**t about that cause i fck he every night

  33. gmax25 Says:

    my fantacy rosa acosta and tamy in my bed love that

  34. гaгaш Says:

    А комментарии тут по-настоящему интересные. Буду следить за комментариями и далее 😉

  35. ken Corbin Says:

    wanna tab them booties and lick and squish them boobs all night!!!

  36. gym routines Says:

    Jesus wept that is fine. Give up guys, they are mine!!!!!!!!

  37. Nana Says:

    f**k all you bitchs

  38. rocky Says:

    wow wow and wow… for real .. wow

  39. eric Says:

    I would eat both of their asses and everything!

  40. eric Says:

    # 32 needs to learn correct grammar and he’s possibly a f*g!

  41. Donald E Lorick Jr aka Boo Says:

    my sweet rosa

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