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Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Correcting The Media: Young Buck Clears Up Rumors On New Track Being A Eminem Diss Track!


12 Responses to “Correcting The Media: Young Buck Clears Up Rumors On New Track Being A Eminem Diss Track!”

  1. tyrone whitford Says:

    f**k young buck

  2. bro Says:

    f**k Eminem

  3. king Says:

    Buck is that n***a !
    he would never disrespect eminem.

  4. H.M.H.A Says:

    Washed up… bet he wishes he was still down with the unit.

  5. Rudz420 Says:

    Buck isstill the best trap rapper next to Jeezy. Shame he messed up so bad tho.

  6. CJ Says:

    wish buck would get back wit the unit, just aint the same no more, n***a let them drugs get to em

  7. POW !!!! Says:

    too bad Thisis50 wont post any young buck songs, videos or mixtapes ….. cuz hes been putting out alot of dope music (which is the only problem i got with thisis50 … they dont post no Buck and no Outlawz suff)

    anyways tho ….. F**k the haters Young Bucks dope !!!!!!!

    Back On My Buck S**t & Only God Can Judge Me = 2 of the best mixtapes from the south in 2009

  8. matt Says:

    He is always trying to clear s**t up……..Now he has a ghostwriter. N……. can’t even write his own s**t……I liked his music but when you got a friend that bails you out of two 200,000.00+ irs debts and you turn around and say F**k You to 50 and the unit you got s**t all twisted. I hate disloyal mother fuckers/

  9. 123 Says:

    @ Matt

    he doesnt have a ghostwriter …… stop being such a groupie and stop making s**t up smh

  10. matt Says:

    but for real 50 kinda a b***h for kicking him out tho so i guess he got a point for saying F**k 50 after getting kicked out

    and oh sorry my bad he said ” producer ”

    so he dont have a ghostwriter (guess i shouldve listened closer first)

  11. Ten-A-Key B***h Says:

    one of the best & realist out of the south !!!!

    two classic mixtapes so far in 2009 … hopefully he put out a few more soon

    one more thing……. Get Em’ Buck !!!! (and nah i dont mean ” Em ” as in Eminem haha)

  12. Shaboogie' Says:

    Think about wht he is saying the MEDIA is a MESS….they like to keep stuff going especially in the HIPHOP industry…….they wnt you guys to BEEF so they can have a story without a STORY they have no JOB…..that y they do wht they do….its FOUL but that’s wht they do because they r DEVILS!!!!! booboo ur spirit Shaboogie;

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