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Hell Rell Speaks On Suing Koch Records!


“I Helped Koch Records Gross 10 Million Dollars. They Are Playing Games With My Money”

5 Responses to “Hell Rell Speaks On Suing Koch Records!”

  1. real person Says:

    come on please … who is ever gonna believe that ..hell rell ..side rapper.( rapper who is only known by standing beside another rapper) … if you can find me one person who bought his songsyou will very very very lucky.

    people who are on majors who go gold dont even gross 10 million in sales..

    stupid n***a

  2. Traditional Says:

    I don’t sick people who on label

    need kicks two too

  3. Jay Are Says:

    He still ugly

  4. Edgar11 Says:

    F**k yo a*s up n***a

  5. YAOS ONE Says:

    “for the hell of it” was a nice lil album duke came with on that joint.

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