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Havoc – Smells Like 9/5 & S*x Tape (Starring Roxy Reynolds)


7 Responses to “Havoc – Smells Like 9/5 & S*x Tape (Starring Roxy Reynolds)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    nice one h-keeping tha queens alive.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You know this n***a Havoc beat that p***y up too LOL! Roxy reynolds still looking fine.

  3. DAVE-SKI Says:


  4. Melody Says:

    So where can I download da s*x tape from??

  5. Shaboogie' Says:

    O Pleze…..

  6. PudgeBeats Says:

    Damn!!!! Havoc you lucky Basterd you. I love Roxy Reynolds. Hey BooBoo maybe you should have Roxy on your next Beauty of the Week interview for man. Besides she is relevent in the porn industry. Its MOBB!!!!!! Free Prodigy!!!! GGGGGG-UNIT!!!!!!

  7. Queens all day. Says:

    havoc beet you can’t wait till P comes out of lock up..btw no doubt

    ~Free P~

    Seriously P next time you gun sling do it on the Low Low..

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