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Lil Mama – Empire State Of Mind Freestyle + Addresses VMAs

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3 Responses to “Lil Mama – Empire State Of Mind Freestyle + Addresses VMAs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    After all the bullshit that she did,I was like she caused that s**t on herself basically that was a bogus move going on stage but as I listen to this freestyle and pay attention to how she represents the video I kinda feel what she was doing it for–THE REASON- I am from south carolina and I think jay should lighten up abit n***a it aint that serious YOU ALREADY FAMOUS SHE CANT HURT U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sunny Da Mayor Says:

    Dat’s one crazy B***h!!!!
    Like Too Short should say Get Off DA Stage B***h!!!!!!!!!

  3. gerhet Says:

    i like her style at lease she didn’t sale-out to da industry keep do’n yo tizzle lil mama <<>>

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