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Bunny – Loren Love [Petite Size Edition]


(Gettin Sexy With It To Lloyd Feat. Lil Wayne’s “Pusha” Song)

9 Responses to “Bunny – Loren Love [Petite Size Edition]”

  1. Shaboogie' Says:

    Yo she look so funny —she is BONEY like that…..and her titees are saggn r u serious…..she’s to skinny………..I recommend she sits DOWN…. scale 1-10 she gets a 2 for EFFORT….lol

  2. d. Says:

    umm-ya-shaboogie….u will probably fall for her if she was spoting u in a club or sum otha place- u see-u got to hav the pimpin spider sens flavour -yah-da s**t makes u dig a chick even if her hair ain’t right( feel me)-cauz u can see her beauty after u swag her up-menn-i put tha girl on thoz tight jeans long boots and tha kery hair…and badammm-but yo fo real-she’s cute- and for the stupid peoples-her hair’s style too.peace.

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think i’ve seen her naked at

  5. london g Says:

    too fukin skinny lool

  6. bj Says:

    You fuckers are retarded. This girl is gorgeous! Jus look at her. She makes my knees buckle. real talk.

  7. Mg Says:

    Where can i download this video lol

  8. Mg Says:

    or find her website

  9. jaren Says:

    this girl is so beautiful in the face and her body rockin 😀 i wish i knew her in real life i wuld bag forever lol

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