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Father’s Day In The Hood? Father Goin Gully With His Son In Brawl!


5 Responses to “Father’s Day In The Hood? Father Goin Gully With His Son In Brawl!”

  1. Hova Says:

    Is it me or do they fight like girls.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    shut the fuk up hova
    u talk s**t u better back it up
    this foo couldnt
    so he got tossed up
    west coast southern killer cali

  3. GeeYo Says:

    Damn, don’t really know what’s behind all this violence but the Chris Tucker insert was funny as hell. From the video I can determine the family who lives in that house ghetto as hell. That one girl in the clip was carrying a lil’ kid in her arms while this was happening. Poor baby don’t got a chance in hell to succeed in that environment.

  4. DEUCE23 Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ok why the heck is that chick carrying a baby so close to them swingin, and why oh why is that idiot letting who ever that is on the ground get beat up like that, aint no way if Im there that anybody im with gettin beat down like that let alone beat by two people and if you cant fight thats when u bring out the other stuff i mean get a pole and knock that dude in his face but aint no way im there and thats happening.

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