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Raised by a Jamaican Nanny in Brooklyn White Girl Steppin


183 Responses to “Raised by a Jamaican Nanny in Brooklyn White Girl Steppin”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It doesn’t matter where the little girl is from, what matters is the people that live in this world. People with corrupted minds, thinks corrupted things…So even when a child’s action is innocent, we have to be really careful of corrupted people. However, she dances very well, hope she is taking dancing lessons.

  2. natalie Says:

    too cute. this vid made me smile. this little girl can dance. she didn’t look vulgar. she was fully clothed. she was getting her groove on and working out…better than playing video games and getting obese.

  3. dalt Says:

    she can dance and have talent very nice child

  4. island girl Says:

    You go girl. your hot don’t let the subjective fools get you down.

  5. lyoneta Says:

    Who cares where the music originated. All kids her age should do more dancing and get off the couch playing games that will result in over weight & carpal tunnel syndrome (damage to nerves in wrist) .Bravo!!!

  6. Dede Says:

    she got it goin for her

  7. Mawèz ;) Says:

    This song is called Décalé Gwada (Gwadeloupe- a French island in the Caribbean). This girl has some mad skills. For those concerned about the girl’s future, you need to learn about Caribbean dance, that’s all it is- DANCE. If you look at this girl and think her movements suggestive, you have a problem. lol, incredible

  8. Judy Says:

    She worked that dance she is just gifted if she keeps it up she will go a long way..Hope her school work is just as good tho..

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This liltte gurl is dancing really good. She put big westindian women who think they can dance in the shade. I love her

  10. Isa Says:

    This is the essence of pure spiritual expression. Dance, dance, dance! I loved it.
    How cute. One people, one world! The children shall lead the way. Blessings to the Nanny.

  11. ma Says:

    this just put a smile on my face

  12. old lady Says:

    this kid is great! more need to be moving instead of sitting in front of the television or computer great job

  13. lisa Says:

    I love it! expressions through dance! I am an azteca dancer and appreciate anyone who can dance outside their culture! and OMG has she got moves! you go girlie girl

  14. El Says:

    she dances very good! Here in West Africa, Nigeria most kids dance in this style, but a bit different then what she is doing. Very cute!

  15. Eve Says:

    You go girl keep on dancing sweetheart you did great. Not many white people know how to move like that. Keep dancing young lady you will be a great dancer. Oh and nanny GREAT JOB you to should be congratulated for the good job you’ve done with this beautiful young lady. God bless both of you.

  16. Swaggarifficbaebee Says:

    awww s**t get it lil mammaz…

  17. Trinni Says:

    OMG! Yuh see how people dangerous! This is a French girl, living in France and attending dance classes there! You don’t need to come in contact with Jamaicans to dance like that. Oh gorm! Allyuh leave the Jamaicans alone nah allyuh! De girl learn from French Africans! lol

    Great job though!

  18. Raki Says:

    It’s just shocking to see how some of us cannot learn to agree to disagree. Look at the fool who wants to push a knife into someone because they said the young girl is going to be a s**t. It reminds me how some people is consumed by evil in it’s purest form.

  19. Anonymous Says:


  20. Anonymous Says:


  21. Anonymous Says:

    Wow girl I hope some one discovers you fast, that was awesome!

  22. Mary Elizabeth Says:

    Fantastic, the world is yours now!!!

  23. Omal Says:

    That’s a Soukous dance move from Congo Zaire, the song has a similar rhythm such as Jamaica or other Caribbeans carnival check it your self it is normal. it normal for person to express their feeling what you need to understand dance is a expression of feeling, sometime person interprets certain movement to be sexual that is ok it a thought in one brain, it is a fact the child is talented and has a multicultural ability to dance that way I give her A++ as a passing grade
    check out these:

  24. Jonn Says:

    Why is this titled, “… WHITE GIRL …”?

    Why didn’t they just say GIRL?

    I believe she is Jamaican, and YES some Jamaicans are white. In Jamaica, everybody is just Jamaican, not WHITE or BLACK or ANYTHING else. As a Jamaican I am deeply offended that some people has referred to her as
    ‘WHITE GIRL’. There should be no distinction.

  25. Honeybee Says:

    Too many times we sit and thing negatively about things and our thoughts pollute the system. The child is very talented thanks to her nanny. It’s up to us now to use the talents that we have been blessed with.

    Kae, remember the tongue is a powerful weapon and pray it does not fall on your child or children. Saying that a child at this age will be a S**T you ought to think long and hard before you judge people, after all the child is just growing up! Gosh man!

  26. Aim Says:

    That’s African not West Indian..

  27. Marcia Says:

    Once you go black you won’t go back. Once she og Jamaican, it’s over. Love it!!

  28. Marcia Says:

    Once you go black you won’t go back. Once she go Jamaican, it’s over. Love it!!

  29. Sandra Says:

    She could be from France, There are a lot of Africians from the Congo who live there. She did not learn this from a nanny, i saw her on another video where she was taking dance lessons in a class. Regardless she is an amazing natural born dancer. Dont know how many other 7yrs olds could ever match her.

  30. Ciara B!tchies Says:

    Brooo Thiis Is Nott Jamaican Musicc Thiss is 100 % african music && ppl Don’t say thatt what i sai si wrong cuz my parentss r from theree && i’ve been listening to thiss music since i was born soo change the title of this videepp please and im pretty suree her nanny is african

  31. Evelyn Wilkinson Says:

    The girl is good, not quite the thing I would want my nanny to teach my daughter, but the girl has talent and I guess the nanny too. Hopefully she could also teach her maths and reading to the same leve.

  32. jamaican lady Says:

    the little girl is good she can dance ok if a nanny is working with a french woman and she is teaching her dauhgter some dance move i’m sure she is going to play what ever music in the house maybe the lady dont lessen to ja music no problem.

  33. Phyllis Says:

    Well if you look around, all you see is us pushing their babies so might as well teach them the culture too………….hmmm

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