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Embarrasing: Big Girl’s Pants Come Down During Wild Scrap (Everyone Laughin)


6 Responses to “Embarrasing: Big Girl’s Pants Come Down During Wild Scrap (Everyone Laughin)”

  1. Shaboogie' Says:

    Yo somebody from the crowd was pushing on the BIG girl…..laughn n s**t….that’s messed up! Our young women out here today….must be taught RESPECT for themselves and VALUE!………that was crazy! The crowd is no BETTER because they instigated the whole thing!…………! booboo ur spirit Shaboogie’

  2. Dr.ama Says:

    Yo I fought alot in high school but I am old school dont tapr my s**t that called evidence where I am from this new s**t is wild.

  3. junebug025 Says:

    Typical ghetto bitches with so respect for there surroundings

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have 2 words HOOD RATS !!

  5. boo Says:

    HIpHop is a fucking joke today,

    nothing to get proud of,

  6. Tiki Says:

    Yeah that was sad and I bet they were fighting over something STUPID! Yea Hood Rats!

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