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Oh Boy Clip Of The Week: Meet The Hardest Mofo Online!

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Guido Warns Nick On His Web Cam “We Pop Sh*t Up This MuthaF*cka”(Gettin Gully To 50 Cent’s ‘I Get Money’ Track)

10 Responses to “Oh Boy Clip Of The Week: Meet The Hardest Mofo Online!”

  1. dr0 Says:

    dat shyt was funny nick wears thongs hes p***y

  2. eseCAP$... Says:

    stupid white fool…



  4. Mr. Tatted Up Says:

    LMAO!!!! YO i needed that laugh….. White boys tryin to act black is pure comedy….. Just like black nigguz tryin to act white. Pure comedy…..

  5. Hella x good Says:

    please stop making white people looks so stupid!! IDIOT! u get money! go buy a new web cam internet thug

  6. jeremyhausman Says:

    that white n***a hood lol!!!!!

  7. MayweatheyMoney Says:

    LOL at white people in general….thy wanan be black so bad check them at the tanning salon

  8. Juggalo Scrub Says:

    Why every1 gotta hate on white people? every1 can hate on white people but when white people hate on any other race we go to court, im not racist but you fucks are you think we try to be balck, well dont over look the juggalos we will straight murder you in use your head as a jack o lantern! so you need to quit hatin unless you want us to bring the drama to your jaw

  9. Steve Says:

    S**t I don’t go tanning! To bad Em is one of the best rappers of all time if not the best! Lets see you hate on him he will eat ya’ll up! White, Black, Asian, Indian, Puerto Rican whatever we all got the same blood in our veins!

  10. gerhet Says:

    i’ll put dat n***a on my squad dem yo kiilas right there iight

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