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Kids Is Ruthless Is France, Paris: Youngers From 16 – 18yrs Olds Stomp Out A Teen

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Leave Him All Bared Out In The Streets For Not Payin Up His Euros!

10 Responses to “Kids Is Ruthless Is France, Paris: Youngers From 16 – 18yrs Olds Stomp Out A Teen”

  1. chris Says:

    Damn son wtf is wrong with the youth today smh…..A bunch of skinny jean wanna’ be thugs!

  2. Mr. Tatted Up Says:

    All them muffuckuz for that one lil dude! Nigguz is pure p***y nowadays!

  3. d. Says:

    the skinny jeans dont slow your favorite kick mov to activate-even the speed is upgrated-haha

  4. Hella x good Says:


  5. D Block Says:

    F**k n***a’s make me sick… Waste to society

  6. SkillZ Says:

    c’est bon comment?! fucking demons,,go back to hell u pieces of s**t!fucking wankstas nothing more..

  7. ^^6^^ Says:

    I respect that, tho’ I hate how six people commented talking s**t about the video. My question being what the f**k did the n***a they jumping do ? For all you know he coulda shot one of they mans smacked one of they sistas. Ya niggas need to chill on jumping into situations before you know the details, you the type of niggas to get yourselves fucked up over bitches and your emotions man…

  8. robot! Says:

    in cases like this u better carry that 9

  9. DEUCE23 Says:


  10. dollface Says:

    ughhhh niggas so fuqn weak …yung dummies

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